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Friday, September 16, 2016

The Householder’s Guide To Carpet Installation: Preparing For Your Installation With These 6 Easy Steps

It’s so exciting buying something new!  Getting rid of old, grungy and worn carpet has been on your wish list long enough! You’ve done your homework, combed through endless samples, colors, styles and brands, and now it’s time to install your new carpet! But, there’s very important thing left to do before that satisfying moment - prepare your home for installation day.  

These 6 simple steps will make your installation day run smoothly:

Step 1: Furniture

Grab a friend or your spouse and start moving all of the furniture out of the room.  Some installers will move the furniture for you, but it’s best to ask ahead of time about any additional charges particularly if your furniture is large or heavy. Don’t forget to unplug all electronics and be sure to remove everything from the room.  Be sure to make a clear path for the installers to bring the carpet and tools into the room.  

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