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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Binding or serging? What's the difference when it comes to finishing or repairing your area rug?

So you have an area rug that needs repaired...or have purchased broadloom (wall-to-wall) carpet and want it 'finished' and the salesperson is throwing out terminology you haven't heard before...binding, serging, oh my!

Broadloom carpet edge -raw/unfinished

I'll start with binding.  Binding is essentially durable colored fabric (binding tape) that comes in rolls.  It is applied to a rough edge of carpet with a binding machine (essentially an industrial sewing machine).  The binder folds the fabric over the rough edges of the carpet and sews it into the backing.
Binding tape

a bound rug

a binding machine

Below is a video of a binding machine in action.

extra-wide binding

a rug with two different binding colors

Serging is a large thread looped over the raw carpet edges side-by-side to create a finished edge.

a serged carpet edge

spools of serging thread
a serging machine

Below is a video of a serging machine in action

Choosing between binding and serging is a matter of personal preference.  Binding offers many options including wider tapes, multiple layers and colors.   At Bob Wagner's we offer both services and can create a finished product as creative as our customers.  

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