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Friday, April 4, 2014

Help pets in need with just a picture


We all love our pets.  We all love talking about our pets and we all love sharing pictures of our pets.  Now you have the opportunity to share a picture of your pet(s) and help a great cause.


1. Snap a photo of your pet or pets. 
2. Email your photo to media@bobwagner.com  or Tweet your photo to @bobwagners
3. Don't forget to include your name, your pet's name and where you're from.

That's it.

Bob Wagner's will donate $1.00 for every photo submitted in the month of April to the Chester County Pet Food Pantry.

Every Tuesday Bob Wagner's will pick one Pet of the week and donate $5.00 in that pet's name.

Update: As of Wednesday, April 23rd, we have 113 entries!  You can see them all on our Pinterest page. Keep them coming!

 The photos will also be on our Pinterest page (don't forget to follow us)



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